Job Description

A boilermaker career attracts mechanically-inclined individuals comfortable working in a variety of settings and conditions. Boilers are made of steel, iron, copper, or stainless steel and generate electric power and heat through heating water. Boilermakers work on boilers, tanks, and vats used in a variety of buildings, ships and factories.

A boilermaker career includes installing new boilers and reading blueprints in order to locate already existing boilers to perform maintenance work on them. When building new boilers, boilermakers may use robotic or automatic welders. Boilermakers must also test and inspect their assembled boiler for existing or potential leaks or defects.

When cleaning vats, boilermakers use tools such as scrapers, wire brushes, and cleaning solvents. Typical boiler parts needing maintenance or repair include valves, pipes, or joints. When fixing these parts, boilermakers may use hand or power tools, gas torches, plumb bobs, levels, wedges, and turnbuckles and other welding equipment.

Boilermakers repair air pollution equipment and blasting furnaces and perform repair work at water treatment plants. They also work on storage and process tanks, repair smokestacks, install refractory brick and other heat-resistant materials in fireboxes or pressure vessels and install large pipes used in dams.

Education and Certifications

Boilermakers generally begin their career with a high school diploma (or equivalent) and a formal four to five year apprenticeship program. Having previous welding experience and certifications helps to increase the chances of getting accepted into a boilermaker apprenticeship program.

Boilermakers are generally required to have a welder's certification.

Essential Career Information

  • $62,260 - Median pay, 2017
  • $38,700 - Wage of lowest 10 percent, 2017
  • $87,160 - Wage of the highest 10 percent, 2017
  • 269% - Employment growth forecast, 2016
  • 17,200 - Number of jobs, 2016
  • Entry-level education requirements - High school diploma or equivalent